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We are really passionate about subjects we teach
At ZZZ, you won't find just ordinary language classes, where students have to be glued to their chairs. What you will find is some shaggy tutor-traveller sharing knowledge about western cultures and her other experiences, a CELTA specialist equipping students with her best practices in English learning.
An opera singer giving exciting German lessons, a Spanish journalist sharing a self-developed phonetics programme and playing lots of educational games. ZZZ is a chance to network, learn essential subjects, and communicate what you are most keen on.
Since we are a certified Cambridge Centre, we use only authentic materials
Following our traditions, you will be introduced to our collection of great quality study platforms including digital and printed medium. We often create it ourselves from different sites and always monitor the quality of each objective.

Pre-GCSE to A-levels
We offer preparation for core subjects that we are required to be taken before you sit your exam. We run English, Science, Geography, Business and Math classes that are blended with independent study and workshops supported by experienced mentors. Our aim is that you gain your pre-GCSE, GCSE and A-levels.
English club
2-4 times per week of engaging classes. We can include a cooking class, art, drama and science activities to your liking. And by the way, we are going to study according to an international standard of English.
Cambridge exam preparation
You can get help to pass YLE, KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, Business English (BEC 1-4), BULATS. Just contact our main office and we will fix the schedule that will be the most suitable for you and your mentor.
Language clubs: French, Italian, Chinese
From the very first class, you will be using the new language. Our teachers will engage you in role plays, games and problem solving activities. You are welcome to choose any pace of studies along with learning options: group classes, one to one lessons, in-company trainings.
German with a strategy
Whether you are a complete beginner, a tad rusty or a fluent speaker and want to enjoy a German conversation, we offer a range or German language courses. With us you can go through any of your preferable outlines: Start Deutsch A1, A2, Zertifikat Deutsch B1, B2, Test DaF, KDS and GDS.
Spanish with a native
We believe that our classes should be fun and lively. That's why we provide interactive, engaging and efficient language studies. We will assist you in exam preparation likewise. With us you can pass DELE A1, A2, B1 escolar, B2 and C1.
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