Your lessons may be long but they will be engaging and motivating you to investigate. We build our educational environment based on your field of study and things that trigger your imagination. Any class must accommodate your learning journey every day. No more boring and unnecessary information. Grow your mind, become a great person!
Young learners and teens
We care about your self-esteem. We use grammar sanely, just to make you understand the concept, practice it and sustain your knowledge. Daily or evening sessions will help you enhance your progress and support your success.
We wanted to see kids diving into studies with a natural zest. So we developed a "come out and play" learning approach. This philosophy adhered to the thought that the only you need are: simplicity and open-mindness.
We set up local youngsters for fun-filled outings and classes to see if they hit it off. And they did
We nurture our students' gifts and turn them into strong foundations for their lives. We create environments where students see themselves on top in any situation
Pass it with merit
and distinction
All our students made it to a new level when sitting their exams in YLE, KET, PET, FCE, IELTS, etc.

Keep it up, guys!
+7 916 034-23-07
2 Zarechnaya St, Zarechye
Odintsovsky district,
We are located in the southern part
of the city. Get from the metro stations "Ugo-Zapadnaya" or "Slaviansky boulevard" in 25 minutes
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